Arabesk Shop


"Arabesk" presents a series of casual and fresh acrylic jewelry, suitable for both everyday and celebration. It is a colorful design universe in which 3 mm acrylic plates are transformed into elegant and fanciful earrings, rings and necklaces. The colors vary from feminine and transparent pastels to spectacular, saturated neon colors. The light colors are penetrated by light, while the strong colors make the background and contrast. Different colors together thus create elegance and lightness and an expression of dynamic variability.


GEOMETRIC / Shape language is sculptural, abstract and simple, colour combinations countless. Every model of the collection is composed of several layers together, creating new forms. The plates have an intense colour at the edge, a special effect used in this collection.

SILHOUETTE / Every piece of jewelry in this series is cut out in one single layer. The series consist of a diversity of designs from animals and flowers to graphical doodles. Focus is on the drawings of the individual silhouette. The shape behind any of these models started as a little quick sketch or doodle on paper.

INSECTS / Insects’ lightness, their transparent wings, intense colors and precise markings are captured and reproduced in acrylic. In the small models are fine engravings which give life to the transparent surfaces.The rings have insects floating above the finger as an elegant and poetic detail.


Arabesk is created by designer and artist Karoline Kalsø. With a background within both graphic design, illustration and painting ( see go, she has been seduced by the material perspex / acrylic. The jewelry is laser cut, finished and assembled in our own workshop in Copenhagen.

Everything is cut out in small numbers.

The jewelry is made individually, but as series, as a combination of drawing, laser cutting and craft. The development process starts with sketching, then finished artwork on the computer, test-cutting, adjustment and test-cutting until the jewelry works well in shape and color. In itself the cutting with laser is a demanding process. The colors react differently on the laser, and it requires experience and permanently droves of tests to achieve a satisfying finish. The quality of the cut is important, as the jewelry must be enjoyed and experienced close to. Some of the models are sanded with fine paper or sharp edges are removed to make the jewelry comfortable to wear. The nylon line for the rings, the bracelets and necklaces are dyed in selected colors, which play together with the acrylic. Thus each model is developed and created with particular care.